4 Tips On Using Social Media To Reach Your Business Goals

Digital & Innovation | 29th November 2017

There are several measures that you can put in motion to increase your digital traffic and create more engagement with your target audience. Below we will give you some of those to magnify your social networks:

1. Interact with everyone and the followers who mention your company

Monitor your presence on social media, not only in your pages but on others which mention your brand, your username, a hashtag of your company, etc. This sort of monitoring allows you to create loyal followers and engage them. When you find these referrals, chime in, make questions, engage in discussions, be present in those mentions and always have time to address and/or be thankful for a share or comment. You can check some examples on how renowned brands acted when mentioned;

Monitor Your Social Media Presence

2. Connect all your social networks together

By default, when there is a required field for links, the tendency is to always include the website and, then, complete the other fields. Don’t stop there, add all your other social network accounts. Some platforms only allow sharing one link (e.g., the Instagram profile). In these cases, you can change the shared link on a monthly basis, for instance.  

3. In order to optimize the SEO, add keywords to your profile

57% of B2B marketers say that SEO is one of the most important elements when it comes to generating leads. (Source: socialmediatoday)

Users rely on search engines and, when they look for a keyword that matches your company, you may pop up. For that to happen, establish keywords that define your business; look for the most used words in searches related to your sector. The words you identify are the ones which should be part of your profile’s description in your social media platforms.

4. Put the focus on the preferred social media platforms of your target audience

Look for the social media platforms where your target spends most of its time. These are the platforms where you should concentrate your efforts to ensure a strong presence. By dedicating time to these areas, you exponentially increase the opportunity to turn leads into consumers, to increase user engagement and to make your communication effective.


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