5 Technology Trends In The Coming Years

Digital & Innovation | 24th February 2016

For companies, being aware of new technologies and adopting them is essential for the growth strategy and growing profile in the market. In Hi INTERACTIVE we always try to keep track of the latest technologies and how they can benefit the brands we work. In this article, we present five trends identified by Gartner that can boost corporate businesses in the coming years.

1. Automated content

According to the ideas presented at the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo in 2015, at least 20% of the content of the companies will be generated by artificial intelligence in 2018. This content will be generated by proactive technologies (based on analytical information) and made available by automated systems. Content such as technical documents and market reports will be the main focus of these tools.

2. Technology learning

The increasing development of information sources and their complexity makes it necessary to find new ways of rating and a more viable and cost-effective analysis. Thus, DNNs (Deep Neural Nets) will be responsible for automating the understanding of the information, allowing the machines to adapt to the characteristics of the environment that surround them. These features provide a competitive advantage to companies that bet on this aspect.

3. Digital assistance

To enable companies to track customers in a more targeted perspective within the increasing time constraints, these will be recognized (by features such as the face and voice) by digital assistants. These experiences will reproduce human conversations with context, history and responsiveness.

4. From 3D to reality

One of the areas with the highest rate of progress will be the 3D impressions, whose annual growth will exceed 64%. This growth will be constant over the next 20 years, whether in terms of the type of materials that can be printed, the printing speed or the complexity of the models and objects.

5. Health monitoring

In the near future, about two million employees will be using health monitoring and fitness devices. These devices are especially useful for those with high-risk jobs, allowing them to monitor heart rate, breathing and stress in order to send help quickly if necessary.

The growth and success of companies depend on the ability to adopt and adapt to technologies that best address the needs of the market.

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