5 Ways Of Integrating Video In Your Content Strategy

Motion & Digital Interactions | 19th September 2017

In an increasingly technological era, traditional advertising has been dethroned by digital media. The consumer is no longer just a simple spectator who does not mind being torpedoed with information. Now, the audience decides what they want to see and, if the content happens to fall short from interesting, it’s easy to pick another channel, move to another page or even shut it all down.

In turn, the role of social media is becoming increasingly relevant and expressive. The interaction with brands takes places in the digital realm, where a multidirectional relationship is also established. It’s therefore crucial to know how to communicate with the consumer within the space he has control of.

The best way to draw the target audience’s attention is using a proper content strategy. In other words, one needs to create information regarded as useful and relevant by the consumer, to which he can establish an emotional relatiohip. When someone finds a sort of content which they think is relevant, people end up losing time with it and, even better than that, they are willing to share it on social media platforms

Social media impact people

Video marketing - The star of Social Media

As we speak, “navigating” the internet is part of our routine. We read the news, we check our favorite blogs, we chat with people and we watch videos, actually, we watch tons of videos.

Until 2020, videos will be responsible for 82% of all user traffic. One should notice that, in 2015, this traffic represented already a weight of about 75%.

Source: Cisco

The strength of this medium is so significant that it pulled through a major digital storm: when Facebook launched a new algorithm, one that shifted the focus of the Newsfeed of each person into publications of friends and family, brands felt frightened about losing exposure. And they were right. This measure actually had an impact on entrepreneurial digital content, whose number of shares had a major drop. All sorts of content faced a slump, with the exception of video, which increased its shares.

Why? Because video is an extremely appealing format which encompasses different senses, and it is a quite efficient format to spread information (an example is the boundless number of tutorials about almost everything, which can be found online). Furthermore, it’s an easy access format, regardless of our preferred digital interface (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). But, even more important, the video tells a story and storytelling is also an emerging tool with surprising results.

In other words, video marketing is structured upon a content strategy which involves storytelling, hence endowing communication with an emotional dimension.

Example of how storytelling works through video marketing.


A 5-point short guide

Companies may struggle to understand how they can use video marketing in their communication. Deploying this tool is not always as straightforward as it seems. For that reason, we now enlist some points which can be helpful to realize the potential of the content strategy when backed up by video:

Generate brand awareness

Show your institutional personality. Create a video with good content and some nice storytelling, reflecting what your company is. People who identify themselves with it will not think twice about spreading the video and sharing what our brand is. The great queen in this field is Dove. This company is capable of producing movies jam-packed with feelings, which reflect the Dove concept: true beauty creates emotions. Most of these videos quickly become viral:

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Generate leads

Develop a set of videos on a subject, or subjects, with expertise in the field which your business is part of. At the end of the first one, if the viewer wants to see the remaining episodes, he will have to subscribe. This way, leads are generated, which can be posteriorly used to establish a direct contact with the consumer. In addition, it shows that your company is concerned about sharing knowledge.

Generate sales

When we provide information on a product, we create conscious buyers. An informed client spends less time purchasing, since he already knows what he wants and how it works. When you explain, with an appealing video, exactly what the product consists of, you leave your customer a click away of making a purchase. Sugru's new idea in the market that nobody knows is a great example:

Views on the website

All the videos you share on social media should end up with your website address. This way, the audience can easily find more information about you. You can also upload videos on the website which prompt more clicks and shares, whilst making it more dynamic, hence generating more visits;

Simplifying communication

Adapt to video the sort of content which may be more “boring”, yet relevant to understand your company. For instance, explain in a simple way what you do, or how to use your application/product/service. Spotify, for instance, has created a video to concisely and dynamically exaplain what it is and how one can use it:

It’s always important to mention motion design. With motion, video becomes an accessible tool, since it ditches shooting locally, with all the equipment that something like that requires.

The End

Content strategy has a significant weight in communication. Digital platforms must be used in order to maximize the whole strategy. This does not imply more expenses for your company, it only requires a structured digital marketing strategy which makes the most out of the platforms in which you want to appear.

When the work is consistent, results are noticeable. Video marketing is the greater example of this success, since it is an emotional tool with an immediate impact on the audience. The only thing that is left for you to starting using this format is… Action!

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