Being One Step Ahead: How Marketing Journeys are an Important Event

Careers | 06th June 2018
The Marketing Journeys 2018 are over and it was once again, a noteworthy event. The gathering, devoted to students and marketing lovers, took place on the 17th and 18th of april at ISCTE Lisbon, devoting this year’s edition to marketing techniques and teachings.

The focus was the consumer and how can marketing deal with the power that one person has nowadays, with the massive overload of information he/she consumes everyday. How can marketing appeal to a super informed customer and establish a connection?

Hi Interactive talked to Marta Inácio, from NAMI (Núcleo de Alunos de Marketing ISCTE), the group of students that organizes and promotes this event, about this year’s edition.
Marketing Journeys get together
Confraternization at the Marketing Journeys

Hi Interactive’s role in the Marketing Journeys

“The Marketing Journeys, like Hi Interactive, are focused on the interactions between companies and “clients”, so we considered it made sense including [Hi Interactive] as media partners”, stated Marta Inácio, adding that the partnership between the two organizations in regards to this even and others has been incredibly positive.

Marta highlighted how important it is to involve companies and active professionals in these kinds of events, especially for those students “who see the business world as a future possibility, it’s crucial to start networking”, as an opportunity for new experiences, that can help developing soft skills.

“Our main goal at Marketing Journeys is to put university students in contact with keynote speakers from the biggest national and international brands and companies, making them more aware of the most recent tendencies and challenges from the world of marketing”, added Marta Inácio. The organization considers it’s very important for students and marketing enthusiasts to get this knowledge firsthand, from those who experience it.

Being one step ahead of the game, once these students start their careers is something that NAMI and their partners (including Hi Interactive), are concerned about. Beneficial for everyone, are these partnerships, especially if the partner promotes this “active education”, like Hi Interactive does.

Promoting events like Marketing Journeys means reaching a target audience of university students, who are also part of the group of consumers, who are more and more exposed to so much information. They are the ones who have to learn how to process it and promote it once more.

Until the next Marketing Journeys, in 2019.