Consistency: The Keyword In User Experience

UX Design | 03th November 2015

When it comes to consistency, we can look at a digital project as though it was a book: nobody will be able to read it until the end, if the narrative is incoherent or has too long and boring passages. For a good reading and a successful project, the narrative should be consistent and logically coherent. At Hi INTERACTIVE we take consistency as one of the great allies of user experience and in this article we explain its importance.

Consistency makes the difference

For both designers and developers, creating a digital environment that is easily navigated should be the main priority. It is important to keep a sense of familiarity with each visit - this applies both to mobile applications and other services.

All the time spent on a page should be useful: no research should take more than three steps, nor should it require much effort. In a way, a consistent brand must be predictable and easy to learn, but never boring: it’s crucial to take into account what the user expects from a product or service. Being user-oriented and communicating a consistent presence might just make the difference between a good and a great user experience.

Interactive and consistent content

Human thinking is based on logic: therefore, coherence is an essential characteristic for a narrative to be understandable. Thus, every aspect of a project must follow logical thinking, respecting colour codes, typography and construction, providing an easily understandable path for the user.

Just like every country has a national language, a brand must also have its own vocabulary. For example, whenever someone says "like", then we recognize it as a reference to Facebook. Repeating terms that you wish to associate with a certain brand is a common practice when enhancing the brand’s consistency. The ultimate goal is to be able to make the user recognize and relate certain elements.

Design that communicates

It’s necessary to avoid chaos: the abstractionism is, generally, impractical, especially in design issues. Layouts, graphics, typography and inconsistent sizes tend to repel the users. The visual language of the page should be structured hierarchically, facilitating the reading. Creating guidelines for the graphic application of the brand might minimize mistakes and increase the consistency. The contents and the design should empower the page and not compete separately for the user’s attention.

Explicit interaction forms

Transitions, sounds or tips should behave consistently. The focus should always be the user experience. It’s important not to create different forms of interaction only to be different: an animation, to be effective, must attract attention, not disperse it and so it must be pondered.

At Hi INTERACTIVE we consider the narrative as one of the main elements of a project and consistency is one of our tools. Don't let your project get monotonous: contact us.