Dia Mundial Do Brincar 2015: Hi INTERACTIVE Got Down To Some (Serious) Playing

News | 21th July 2015

Dia Mundial do Brincar, also known as World Play Day, was one of the social initiatives we had the chance to support this year. You can check the video here: 

At Hi INTERACTIVE, we believe in the importance of giving back and making a contribution to the community.
Next, we will explain what this event is all about.

Dia Mundial do Brincar: an event gone global

The year was 1996, the town was Zurich and Dr Freda Kim had just been made President of the ITLA – International Toy Library Association; as one of her acts as President, Dr Kim decided to create the World Play Day (Dia Mundial do Brincar).

“The essence of PLAY is childlike. It is what all children do naturally. Therefore, a WORLD PLAY DAY should be a day of total attention to each other, from generation to generation. A day when children and adults do what they want to do. A day that is relaxed and emphasizes human interaction. We do not need to stop the world for a day. We play in our own place, home, school or work place. Perhaps I am describing an attitude rather than an activity. A day that is FUN, shows adults and children in interactive situations promoting the healthy growth of each other in simple, self-motivated activities of their own choice. If everyone in the world can do this on the same day each year we will have a WORLD PLAY DAY.”

- Dr Freda Kim, Founder, World Play Day

The event got widespread media attention in 2004 after Nickelodeon decided that even children needed to step away from TV screens for one day every year; the initial purpose of the Dia Mundial do Brincar (World Play Day) was also to encourage children and parents to play together, and preferably outdoors. Back then, this event was supposed to mark the end of a six-month campaign by Nickelodeon called Let’s Just Play, which aimed to make kids’ lives overall healthier through physical activity. Over a decade after this first event, Nickelodeon still makes kids go out and play by going off the air for 3 hours on Dia Mundial do Brincar, but this initiative has also evolved and grown in both dimension and purpose.

In favour of the right to play

In 2015, the Dia Mundial do Brincar was duly celebrated on May 28th in 25 different countries in 4 continents, namely: the US, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, France, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Canada, the UK, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Cameroon, Ecuador, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Peru, Bolivia, Croatia, Romania, South Africa and, of course, Portugal. In all these places, Worldwide Day of Play tries to raise awareness about the fact that playing is an activity beyond place, age or time. Even more than that, it is based on the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states on its Article 31 the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

Fun is part of the deal

At Hi INTERACTIVE, we firmly believe that there is a time to work and a time to simply play, regardless of age or intrinsic seriousness. In fact, having fun is such an important aspect of our environment that it features in our culture manual – it is a characteristic that is expected from every team member.

Our company thus partnered with IAC (Instituto de Apoio à Criança) and we did our best to collaborate, helping to create a promotional video, the website of the initiative as well as all the graphic material which was later distributed in schools and allowed children to interact and play with each other. We followed the spirit of this initiative to the letter, designing for both online and offline media.

Curious to know more about Hi INTERACTIVE’s work for Dia Mundial do Brincar and other initiatives? Come by our office for some work…or play.