Digital Design Days 2017 | Review

Design | 26th June 2017

Digital Design Days can already be regarded as one of this year’s best events in what concerns the digital and design market. It also encompassed the OFFF edition, which is one of the largest creativity festivals internationally-wise. The event was a unique mishmash of creatives, on/offline designers, motion designers, thinkers, sound designers, developers, students and, of course, those who were curious in being acquainted with this emerging new market, an unique opportunity to have a conversation and being at arm’s length with brand new talents and trends. The event took place at Steam Factory in the city of Milan, an old deactivated factory filled with stories, which is now used to hold Talks, Conferences and Events.

Digital Design Days 2017

The conference relied on the presence of approximately 1500 attendees from more than 50 different nations. The screen at the entrance showed all the participant countries, one by one, a unique international atmosphere, in which I had the opportunity to take part, know and share a wide array of works.

In one of the several breaks scheduled during the Talks, I had the chance to talk to Clemens Wirth, an Austrian Motion Designer internationally renowned for works such as Gravity and Bonanza Festival. Our talk was quite fortuitous. Clemens and I were deeply positive about the new digital market and we chatted on how the integration between designers from different countries is now fueling the sector’s innovation, creating new connections and business models. People from different parts of the world are working alongside in order to edify a new model for the technology market, which is currently one of the most thriving overall speaking, to which we devote many of our work hours.

This way, the event was indeed an excellent opportunity to establish a connection and bring together talents from every corner of the world.  

The conference comprised one room and exclusive facilities for experiences. The room had a perfect environment to visualize ideas and find out new possibilities that have yet to be properly explored, such is the case of VR experiments, which encompass several technology tools that provide unique experiences for the user. As an example, the WebVR Experiments, which is a new and easy method available for developers to build and share VR experiments on the web.

Room dedicated to VR Experiments

Get fresh content about Digital Communication every month!Below you can find a brief selection of moments, worth being shared from my point of view, with a couple of notes I took throughout the event, and that are inspiring my work even more.

01. Matias Corea, Behance Co-founder

Matias Corea is a fine example of a creative who have achieved a high level. During his talk, he minutely unveiled the way through which he was able to build the world’s biggest collaborative design platform, Behance.

His challenges began when he moved from Barcelona to New York, and a whole lot of determination was needed, a decisive factor in the life of every good creative, who nowadays want to achieve their full potential.

A couple of years later, Matias sold part of the company to the giant Adobe, the developer of the world’s most used creative tools. Here’s one of the quotes that left the biggest mark during this talk:

“If you can’t find enough time to do what you love is because you’re not doing what you really love.” In other words, we often find ourselves looking for tons of excuses not to finish a work or do something we have always wanted to, when the idea happens to be a good one, we have to take it forward, the first person in whom we should put our trust is ourselves.

Matias Corea, Co-Founder of Behance

Watch how Matias Corea dealt with the challenges of creating Behance:

02. Chiara Luzzana, Sound Designer

Chiara Luzzana is an Italian Sound Designer winner of awards such as “Best Soundtrack” and “Best Sound Design”. Chiara Luzzana has already caused a major impression, given how much passion she has for music and for the search of sounds in elements of nature, in her opinion a sound can be found anywhere. From fish-filled ponds in Tokyo or even a bird flying in a park in the center of Rome.

In the project Chiara Luzzana - 60 BPM - The sound of Swatch she showed that every single detail is important to develop a full-fledged project, tiny details such as the sound can have a big role in the way one conveys a story.

She defied us to look at the world with a different perception from what we are used to, to grasps its details and everything that is around us.

Watch the project Chiara Luzzana - 60 BPM - The sound of Swatch:

03. Claudio Guglieri, Designer & Creative director

Claudio Guglieri is a Design Director at Microsoft, who has worked for Apple and Fantasy Interactive, his work was disseminated in magazines such as .Net Magazine, Communication Arts, Web Designer Mag, Web Design Index and some important names like FastCodesign, CreativeBloq, Computer Arts.

A winner of several awards like Emmy Awards, the One Show Interactive, the European Design Awards, Webbly Awards, TheFWA and the Awwwards.

One of the points that got my attention during his Talk was the comparison he established to differentiate Products/Services and Marketing/Advertising Projects. Creating a parallelism between our own Home and the experience of being lodged at a Hotel, reaching a conclusion that the expectations we have for each are different.

In the case of Products/Services we can compare these to our homes. An organized and clean space, where one sleeps on a regular basis and, when we want to find something, we want to find it with ease. This comparison does not imply that we need to develop normal or tedious experiences, instead we should respect the limits of a product’s usability and extract innovation from it.

In relation to Marketing/Advertising Projects, these should be similar to the experience of being lodged at a fine Hotel. The experience should be unique and differentiated, capable of stimulating our senses and emotions and making us dream. This way, we create a totally different world and an experience never felt before.

04. Let’s make it!

What can we learn from this? It’s important to know how to differentiate the types of projects, in order to optimize conversion and reach our proper goals, always with the best quality and results possible. Whether this concerns design, technology or project maintenance.

These are the examples that I took from the event and will never forget. The chance of being close to all these names and many others who have yet to become famous, the passion for the works conducted, for the details and for the excellence, these are the points that we all have in common.

Isn’t about time to do some legwork and do an extra mile for the projects which we believe in? We are building a new and memorable market and this is being developed in every place of the world at the same time, some use a pencil as a tool, while others rely on a computer. Whether they are major or small clients, start-ups, new business models, new economic models, each and every one of us have room to create unique experiences with fewer and fewer barriers for those who want to make a difference and believe in good ideas as having a transformative trait.

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