Engaging Users: 6 Tips To Increase Your Audience

Digital & Innovation | 17th September 2015

Having a website is, nowadays, essential for an entrepreneur. According to January data, there were more than 3 billion active Internet users in the world - an increase of 7% compared with the figures of 2014. At Hi INTERACTIVE we pay attention to every detail that might determine the success of a business and, in this article, we list six tips to engage your users.

1. Talk to a single person

It is easy to do the mistake of wanting to be appreciated by everyone and be afraid that your contents are too specific. Even if you are just starting, it’s important to understand whom do you want to talk to - who is the ideal user for your business. This should be unveiled mainly in the texts, advertising and images that appear on your website.

 “If you’re speaking to everyone you are speaking to no one.
Mary Forleo

Mary Forleo’s words could not be more correct: invest some time in the improvement of the content for your target audience. By doing so, you will find it easier to select what you want for your page and you will be able to establish a stronger connection with your users, increasing the likelihood of them subscribing your services.

2. Do not focus solely on social networks

Many entrepreneurs focus all interaction with their users on social networks. Social networks are important for promotion and to interact with the users, but using it exclusively limits your activity and interaction to the rules and limitations of those networks.
Ensure that the interaction has several options (opt-in) on your homepage and interact regularly with your followers by e-mail. Including a free gift (an e-book, for example) is a great strategy to encourage more users to subscribe to your newsletters. But bear in mind that even the offers must be specifically thought for your target audience – don’t forget the first tip. And, if you want, you can always promote this offer on your social networks.

3. Invest in quality pictures

The truth is that the aesthetic quality of the images of a website can be a determining factor in the success of your project. Even if you have a low budget, it is crucial to have high-quality images on a page. A professional image is easily recognizable: do not let a substandard unqualified job stop your business from being successful.

4. Bring dynamism to your communication

The digital world is full of entrepreneurs and companies trying to pass on their messages and sell their products or services. Thus, to be successful in the process of increasing your audience, in addition to the importance of the content, you must take into account how the message is disclosed and how it differs from the others. One of the ways that you can bring dynamism to your communication is by recurring to Motion Designtransmitting information through a video. Motion Design contains the characteristics of the audiovisual sphere, so a website that includes a video element will have a greater impact on the users.

5. Communicate clearly

Think of your homepage as a shopping window: no one will be willing to enter a store if the vitrine is confusing. Every time a user enters your website, it's important that they know how to find their way in that space. Without an intuitive path, visitors can quickly lose interest and definitively leave the page. So it is important to avoid filling the homepage with excessive information.

6. Offer a positive User Experience

A positive experience gives you a competitive advantage and increases your return on investment – a user will, more likely, be engaged with a product or service that provides a simple and enjoyable experience. Understand your competitors’ insights through user research: this way, you can find out what products your users already use and why they like certain companies.
At Hi INTERACTIVE we want to create genuine connections with our users. There is no magic solution for success, but we work daily to help our clients to achieve it. Contact us.