Facebook Or Google: A Duel For Internet Traffic

Digital & Innovation | 17th September 2015

Being an entrepreneur, having a digital business, without thinking how can you attract new users to your project, can be a serious mistake, especially if you forget Google and Facebook. Here, at Hi Interactive, we are attentive to all that is happening in the digital world and that's why we didn’t miss the fact that, for the first time, in July, Facebook overtook Google as the main source of traffic for digital media companies.

The fall of a giant?

Conventionally and until recently, the organic research - the common Google search - was the main source of online traffic for many digital media companies. However, a recent report by Parse.ly, one of the giants of the analytics to web digital publications (and more), shows beyond doubt that social networks, such as Facebook, are becoming the main source of traffic for newspapers. While searching for news, users will be looking for in social networks, rather than in a search engine like Google. In July, 38% of traffic Parse.ly customers was originated in the Google search engine, to an astounding 43% of Facebook.
Still, These numbers can’t fully reflect a trend in the digital world as they only take into account the network of customers of Parse.ly . However, the client list of this digital analyst is impressive: more than 400 international media organizations, like The Wired magazine, The Atlantic, Reuters and the Daily Telegraph, as large digital groups like Mashable, The Next Web and Business Insider. Overall, the customer base of Parse.ly accounts for more than six billion page views and over one billion unique visitors, per month. Therefore, although not total, these data can’t be ignored.

The press review, in the digital age

"What we're trying to do is to give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper."
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

The words of Zuckerberg, in 2013, at the time of the last update of the news feed, announced this battle. The Facebook CEO wanted to get into the fight of the media; capture more traffic, increase his influence (even more?) in the digital world. And it's not just the numbers Parse.ly to confirm this trend.
According to Shareaholic, social networks, at this point, are already the main source of Internet traffic. By the end of 2013, the ratio was 31.24%, a rather surprising increase in comparison with the 22.71% ratio of the previous year. Correspondingly, the traffic generated by research (Google and Google Sites) has been showing a gradual decline.
Is Facebook able to overtake Google at its own game? In October 2014, Facebook had surpassed Google by a minimum margin of 0.1%, according to Parse.ly. But the July figures are more substantial: a difference of 5%.

With the shares of common users, social networks have today a crucial role in Internet traffic, and the report of Parse.ly is proof that digital media companies are betting on Facebook to capture more readers, than in Google. Does this mean that the search engines like Google found a barrier? Will the traffic originated on Facebook continue to grow?
Whatever the future of the digital world brings, Hi INTERACTIVE can help you to find the right solutions: give us a call.