Happy Customers

News | 07th May 2018
At Hi Interactive our mission is to improve the experience of digital users and enable our clients to reach their goals, while creating value to our employees and shareholders. To reach that, we guide ourselves through strong conduct principles like being client and user centered, proactive and to share and collaborate. 

Maybe that’s why our clients say things like:

“Your biggest strengths are that you easily adapt yourself to the customers in order to answer to the client needs, you have a huge availability and you are people whom is easy to work with.” 

Paula Gonçalves Matias, Novabase

“We were really impressed by the proposal you gave us already at the initial stage which went much further in our expectations, not only in terms of development (...) but also in terms of understanding the logic behind the project.”

Sanya Giniatullina, Uniplaces

“I’ve been working with Hi Interactive for a couple of years and the results have been very very good.”

Nuno Periquito, Celfocus

“Hi Interactive was the company that really showed us some concepts that we really liked.”

Rui Santos, Aralab

“Hi Interactive continues to play an essential role in our ability to create experiences.”

Gonçalo Veiga, OutSystems

“The video was a success, people loved it. Well, it not just accomplished the goal, but exceeded our expectations - I think this should be emphasized.”

Francisca Simões de Almeida, A-to-Be

This is... the sense of accomplishment!

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