Hi INTERACTIVE Designs An App For Operação Nariz Vermelho

Digital & Innovation | 16th October 2017

In order to celebrate the fifteen years anniversary of Operação Nariz Vermelho, a group of initiatives were developed by various companies to spread joy and deliver smiles beyond the hospital's’ pediatric services. These include exhibitions, lectures and workshops for the whole family.

In order to make these initiatives more effective, Hi INTERACTIVE accepted the challenge to develop an app. The purpose was to improve Operação Nariz Vermelho communication so it could reach more people than ever before.

This app has proven to be a very important tool to communicate these events and become part of something bigger than we expected. It allowed anyone to visualize events and news as well as interact with the more serious Operação Nariz Vermelho content available on the app.

App features include:

* A comprehensive agenda of activities organized, with access to event description and its schedule as well as a map where you can trace your route there with Google Maps;
* Learn Operação Nariz Vermelho history;
* Discover the photographers involved in the exhibition;
* Upload photos, videos or comments related to the events of this celebration;
* Access to all Operação Nariz Vermelho articles;
* Sharing content on social networks;
* Watch Operação Nariz Vermelho Youtube channel without leaving the app;
* Information access on how to contribute with donations or immediately with a phone call;
* Meet Dr. “Palhaços” (Clowns) who fill Portuguese hospitals with joy and smiles;
* Win 10% discount on Operação Nariz Vermelho store by filling in a loyalty card and collecting QR Codes throughout the events; 
* Access to all Operação Nariz Vermelho contacts.

    Operação Nariz Vermelho

Operação Nariz Vermelho app

From all initiatives involved in this celebration, we highlight the contemporary art exhibition “Debaixo do Seu Nariz" (Under his Nose), curated by João Fernandes and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, as well as the exhibition of the SIA Arquitectura and Aires Matthew, sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic of Portugal.

Dowload the app here! 

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