Hi INTERACTIVE Is One Of The Best Companies To Work For

News | 02th February 2017

2016 was full of achievements for our team. One of them was being awarded by Exame magazine, Everis and AESE as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”. Here, we share the article from the Exame magazine, which describes us as an “academy for education”.


The personal and professional growth helps to retain talent in a market where experts are scarce. 

Text by Fátima Ferrão

When it started, just two years ago (even though it exists as a brand for eight years), it counted only on eight people. Today, the team has 36 collaborators between the two offices in Lisbon and Leiria. Hi INTERACTIVE works on digital transformation, offering services from Interface Design to Front-End.We design digital experiences”, explains João Prior, founder of the company.

The specific nature of this field of work makes it harder to hire resources, since it requires very specific skills. That’s why Hi INTERACTIVE seeks to engage new employees as soon as they graduate. Still, and because not even this source is enough to meet the demands of a business that keeps a constant growth rate, the company created the Academy, an entity that searches for talent, gives the resources the necessary training and later integrates them in the team.

The model works and, as the organization states, has been a distinguishing element against the competitors. Internal training also prepares the team for internationalization challenges. Just like in other areas, the national market is limited and not enough for those who ambition to grow and develop their businesses (...).

Team building
Hi INTERACTIVE’s team on a Team Building.

Source: Ferrão, Fátima. (2016). Academia que forma. Revista Exame. 392, p126.