Hi Produces New Music Video for "Os Azeitonas"

News | 28th July 2017

"Não Há Direito". Nor lack of motivation in our team!

As the music name suggests, "Não Há Direito", there wasn't a single moment of boredom in this project. To give to this "Os Azeitonas" new music, color and life, Hi INTERACTIVE's Motion Design team focused on developing an original video according to the bands marketing and communication. References to the 60's and 70's needed to be present in the video, as they are an inspiration for Mário Marlon Brandão (vocalist), Luísa Nena Barbosa (vocalist) and João Salsa Salcedo (vocalist and keyboardist).

Check out the "Não Há Direito" Music Video!

Os Azeitonas - Não Há Direito (Official Video)

How Was It Like to Produce AZ's Music Video?

Our team and the band worked together since Day One. The communication flowed so well, that you couldn´t even notice we were at different locations, with skype and all these new communication tools it seemed like we were next door neighbors. After our first meeting, the band made something crystal clear "We do not want something too Folkloric that would make us disassociate from our image". Therefore, without forgetting the band's wishes and respecting their communication, we developed the final video. Illustrations gained life and became animations and color replaced draft sheets.

   "This Music Video launched the song to another level.

   Salsa (vocalist and keyboard player)

Discover how it all happened in the "making of" video!

Behind The Scenes - "Não Há Direito"

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