In Order To Design Experiences, You Need To Live Experiences

UX Design | 14th July 2016
Whenever we are asked how to become a better designer, one of the advices we always give is “Live experiences, observe your surroundings and learn from your mistakes”.

Live experiences to design experiences
Live experiences to design experiences

This is an idea which is shared amongst the whole Hi INTERACTIVE team, which we will explain in more detail in this article. It helps us to learn from each other and gradually gain experience.

Live Experiences

The most beneficial result of living through experiences is that empathising with the user’s needs becomes easier and more realistic.

Despite the fact that younger designers might be up to date with the latest trends, they may easily overlook the simple fact that, no matter how beautiful a design is, if it is not functional, it does not serve any purpose other than to be appealing.

Many young designers dismiss this aspect as unimportant, but with time they have come to understand it’s importance. There are, however, some young designers who manage to grasp the importance from the very beginning - these are usually the ones that start creating incredible experiences early.

Create incredible experiences

Start developing incredible experiences

Observe your surroundings

Intuitive design is about making an experience feel as comfortable and as natural as possible. If we don’t have an idea of how the interactions happen in the real world, how can we hope to create the right experience?

We need to know who we are designing for

Many designers get so involved in digital experiences that they become disconnected from the real world interactions. This means that they may easily forget how a trip to a bookstore or local coffee shop actually works and the type of exchange that happens between customers and salespeople.

Learn from your mistakes

Young designers have to get used to the fact that they’re going to make a lot of mistakes - some will be important whereas others will be insignificant. It’s crucial to get used to it and learn to remove the ego from the equation as much as possible.

In fact, sometimes we might feel that our work is neither as complete or as perfect as we would like. We might be forced to launch work we feel a client has changed too much or learn that it had no positive impact.

But this is actually a good thing. It truly is, if you see it as a learning experience and not only as a failure. The trick is to try to understand where you went wrong and either correct it on the current project (if you can) or avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

These mistakes teach us so much more than if we always created everything perfectly. They also help us to adapt to an ever-evolving world.


Life is an experience and if we do not live our everyday experiences because we are too busy creating new ones, our work will easily become bland. We believe that we should never stop learning and never stop living.

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