Motion In Digital Interactions

Motion & Digital Interactions | 31th March 2017

Motion Design is the creative field where you work in moving graphics: it is increasingly present in everyone’s reality, from promotional videos and advertising to animations or micro-animations on websites and applications. Human vision perceives movement in an intuitive and natural way. Digital scenarios can benefit from this feature, whether in small user interactions with the layout or in buttons or other elements on the screen.

Nowadays, animation has a relevant importance in Interface Design as one of the tools to build successful interactions. Through animation it is possible to make the product simple, direct and user-centered, providing a positive experience.

Watch this Motion in Digital Interactions that we did:

All interactive elements may (must) have some kind of Motion at the time of interaction, such as hovers, which indicate to the user that the elements have an associated action. These animations may be more obvious or more subtle, according to the creative approach of the project and the type of intended use. In clickable elements, such as menus, expanding animation from the clickable element can guide the user through the navigation.

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Motion in digital interactions
 facilitates the user experience and makes it more immersive.