Motion Trends That Will Influence Content Marketing In 2018

Digital & Innovation | 08th February 2018
Motion video is one of the core creative forces behind content marketing - the responsible for reaching brands’ target audiences, growing social media, contributing to more website traffic, generating leads and ultimately closing sales.

And when you do the best use of video on your strategy, you will not only breathe new life into your brand story, but also invite customers to come along for the ride. 

Whether you’re looking to improve video content or looking to make your marketing strategy more effective, these are some of the Motion trends you should keep top of mind in 2018.

Mixing 2D and 3D

Mixing different types of animation and motion styles is becoming more popular when it comes to creating videos where visual content is varied and well blended for a top notch end result that is impactful at first sight. This year, 2D meets 3D for compelling video content where design, graphics, music and illustration are expertly layered and come together to tell an amazing visual story, while keeping user eyes and minds 100% engaged and thrilled.

Video with 2d and 3d to promote Silk UI Framework
In this Motion we used 2D and 3D animation to promote Silk UI Framework (watch original video here).

Minimalist approach

With our declining online attention spans, an extremely busy video with too many animation styles and too many motion effects can easily confuse, bore or chase your user’s eyes away. If you want to keep your audience’s eyes locked on your social media feed or increase traffic to your website via video, one of the main trends for this year is definitely the minimalist approach. We’re talking about videos that surprise and delight because of their clean design, sleek lines, continuous movement, smooth transitions, minimal music… Streamlined is good and verified user engagement proves it.

Smooth animation and transitions
Motion used to promote our “UX: Boost Your Company’s Performance” eBook we used smooth animation and transitions (watch original video here).

Using big text on video

As the Creative Bloq article suggests, using big and stunning text on video is one of this year's trends. Mixing mind-blowing images with luxurious lettering is definitely a smart and powerful way of communicate for busy audiences. Bringing words to life through cool and unique effects is a great way to highlight key take-away messages. 

Using big text on video - Interaction 17
Last year we did a promotional video for Interaction 17 with this trendy style (watch original video here).

Galaxy and space stories

Creating stories inspired by space and other galaxies with out-of-this-world visual effects is also one of the new trends. It means escaping to fantasy worlds where brands can be anything they desire. It means setting in motion dynamic and interactive virtual reality experiences that everyone will be talking about. Your customers will be pressing play on repeat and wishing they could climb into their screens! [Sorry, but we don’t have any example of this to show it yet. But we want to work on it soon :) ]

Whatever your ideas for online video content marketing are, whatever amazing animations or memorable motion effects you are planning to put into play, know this: quality is everything. It doesn’t matter if you produce a lot of content. Your brand will just stand out if you have relevant and quality content. This is what will keep users watching, clicking over to your site to find out more about your brand’s story, following you on social media and spreading the word (in this case, the video!) to all their friends. 

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