My Marketing Internship At Hi INTERACTIVE

Careers | 06th December 2017

Supporting new talents and providing opportunities for people in the industry is one of Hi INTERACTIVE values, and I had a first-hand experience with this completing a 3-month internship in a Marketing & Innovation department for Hi INTERACTIVE brand. The internship allowed me to get involved in various digital communication and marketing campaigns and improve my skills and gain knowledge about working in a marketing field.

About Me

I am recent graduate from Newcastle University in England where I studied Media, Communication and Culture and gained experience in copywriting and communications in my previous placements. When I applied for the opportunity to come and complete an internship in Lisbon at Hi INTERACTIVE, I was more than excited to gain experience in a dynamic and innovative company, and improve my skills in a new environment.

Marketing and Innovation Internship
Me working at the desk in Hi INTERACTIVE office.


Great Opportunities And Projects

Working in Marketing and Innovation team, I had an opportunity to get involved with various exciting projects, such as Motion in Storytelling and UX eBook releases and delivery of improved email marketing. I learned how the role of marketing works to influence and improve engagement online with the brand’s content as well as increase traffic to the website and generate more leads. For example, from October to November organic trafic to the website increased over 50%, while the number of new user visiting Hi website increased over 10%

In my role, I continued developing my copywriting skills and copyediting skills working with company’s blog and social media content. I was in charge of conducting and copywriting three exciting interviews with talents at Hi INTERACTIVE, Motion Designer Miguel Baptista, Front-End Developer Bernardo Cardoso and UI Designer Patricia Murta whose interview will be released soon this month. I really enjoyed getting to know the team here at Hi and showcasing their professional skills and expertise.

In addition, my internship provided me some unexpected opportunities. During the 3 months, I had a unique opportunity to get involved with reorganization of content strategy to aline with a new rebranded image of the company, which will be released shortly in 2018. This allowed me to be a part of projects that I haven’t thought about before.

Marketing and Innovation Team
Me and Mariana Vidal, Marketing Manager. It was great working together!

Invaluable Experience

This internship at Hi INTERACTIVE gave me great opportunities to develop my professional skills, get involved in a number of exciting projects and work with an amazing team of colleagues who each taught and inspired me so much!

Hi INTERACTIVE is great and dynamic company with the most welcoming team of professionals and innovators who involved and helped me every step of the way!

I learned so much and believe this experience will be invaluable to me in the future.

Thank you so much Hi INTERACTIVE and the whole team for this great opportunity!

Hi INTERACTIVE office - the picture I took on my first day at the internship.

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