Surpassing the Digital Challenges with OutSystems Front-End Development

Front-End | 05th June 2018

The Case of Fidelidade

Ask anyone in the insurance industry which are the most disruptive forces in the sector, and you’ll notice that two out of three people will reply technology innovation and customer’s expectation for 24-hour service. At least, those were the results of a recent report by PwC. And it was also the scenario Fidelidade was facing. 

With 210 years of history and recognition as one of the most trusted insurance companies in Portugal, Fidelidade’s expertise was not enough to ensure its position as a leading player. In a hyper-competitive market such as the insurance one, Fidelidade had no choice: it was time to go digital to maintain current clients and reach to new ones. 

The centenary company started a quest to diversify its services with a new digital platform, where its customers could access its services anywhere, at any time. 

But building a new mobile and web application was just part of the challenge, and in the insurance industry, there’s no time to lose. Fidelidade needed to deliver its new app faster, or it risked to lag behind its competition. The thing was, how could Fidelidade accelerate the app’s development without compromising not only its functionality but also the user’s experience and adoption? Because let’s be honest. It’s great to have a mobile app, but if the app is continuously breaking, isn’t intuitive, nor easy to use, no customer will use it, so what’s the point of having one? 

That’s when Fidelidade reached Hi Interactive

But Why Hi?

Fidelidade was a long-standing customer of OutSystems, the provider of the leading low-code platform that allows the rapid development of applications, and a partner of Hi Interactive

In fact, OutSystems and Hi have been working closely to revolutionize the way how front-end development is delivered. Silk UI, an OutSystems front-end framework that provides fully customizable themes, patterns, and sample pages, was born out of this partnership. 

So, when Fidelidade wanted to ensure that its app had the right interface, UX, and was compliant with the insurance brand and image, Hi was a natural choice.

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Hi and Fidelidade 

While Fidelidade's development team focused on the logic and backend of the application, Hi’s OutSystems front-end experts took care of the interface. 

After an in-depth UI and UX analysis, Hi Interactive delivered a live style guide pack that included customized themes inspired on Fidelidade’s brand, patterns from the Silk UI framework, replacing the need for CSS and JS, and custom pages ready to copy and use. 

As for results, with the live style guide, Fidelidade’s development team didn’t waste time developing the front-end of the app and used that extra time to enhance the app’s functionality and create new features. This way, Fidelidade delivered an improved and better version of the app to market faster.

Live Style Guide Pack

Meet My Fidelidade:

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