The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Digital Communication

Digital & Innovation | 08th November 2017

Nowadays, everyone has a digital presence, whether it would be through social media, emails, or simply because our lives are intertwined with the digital platforms so much. However, being a part of the digital world is not the same as knowing how to do digital communication for your brand and products.

While I heard many bad advice about it before, today I am sharing with you the worst advice I have heard about digital communication and how to avoid getting stuck with it: 


WORST ADVICE: "Create profiles on the highest number of social media platforms possible"

To generate more traffic in digital platforms and increase conversion rates is one of the main goals for marketing managers, which results in us constantly looking for tips on how to improve our communication, but sometimes the advice we heard can do more harm than good.  One of the most recurring is a myth that suggests having the highest number of social media accounts as possible in order to prompt more engagement, more clicks and to make communication reach broader places.

Generate more traffic on social media

Why creating profiles everywhere is wrong?

With the evolution of new technologies, communication is now becoming, more and more, a multilateral process. One needs to pay attention to user interaction, be attentive to comments, manage negative reviews and know how to cope with unpleased users, among other things. If we multiply this management by all the social media platforms that exist, we can easily understand why this is far from being a doable or effective process.

Being present on all social media platforms requires a lot of time

Moreover, managing content is a time and research-demanding task if one wants to have engagement and views. The more social media platforms demanding this sort of effort, the harder it will be to keep them interesting.

Being present on all social media platforms curbs our strategic focus

Another point which should be emphasized is that, when one wants to be everywhere, we end up nowhere. Efforts and attention are lost in places which may not even be visited by our specific target audience.

Does it mean that I should disregard being present in several social media platforms?

Social media platforms are extremely important in our society, both personally and professionally. They are the place where we look for advice, share experiences and find the newest trends. Failing to be present in these places is failing to be present in the life of millions of people. So we have to know the demographic with whom we want to communicate, with whom we want to establish a relationship and with whom we want to create engagement. We have to be aware of our target audience and that requers understanding its behavior, preferences, habits and so forth. This is the only way to achieve significant conversion rates.

Increase your conversion rate

The best option is to create a selective number of profiles that you can properly manage simultaneously. Perhaps that’s just one, or 10, it all depends on the ability of each corporation. But it is better to pick a platform in which you can do some great work instead of going for 100 where you will just dump non-target content.  

Nonetheless we need to emphasize that the presence on several social media platforms makes a lot of sense for major corporations that can spend more resources to manage different accounts. Even in this case, these companies are confronted with different challenges. Often they end up splitting their brand between different target audiences, in order to create profiles which suit every form of communication, thus being able to focus on different segments of their audience.

Briefly put, in order to create digital engagement, the number of social media platforms in which you should be present varies depending on your company’s size but, even more importantly, it depends on the responsiveness of your communication and marketing department. This way, you will create an effective communication more easily.

Create digital engagement more easily


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