Top UX Predictions For 2016

UX Design | 12th January 2016
UX is an increasingly indispensable subject for every company: no matter what the area of expertise, User Experience must be at the core of a brand’s strategy and at the top of every digital agency’s priorities.

Every year, UX Magazine’s contributors share some their UX predictions and how the present year will benefit from these developments. Hi INTERACTIVE’s team is always eager to improve their UX skills and, in this article, we invite you to explore 5 of these predictions and learn how UX can change your company in 2016.

Changing is Challenging: Adopting UX

According to Scott Plewes, Vice President of User Experience at Macadamian, given the important role that UX is playing, many large companies are hiring UX teams or acquiring UX companies to fulfill their needs and to upgrade the company's’ capabilities.

As a result, companies will realize that hiring competent UX designers isn’t enough - great experiences require a change in management and in how the company’s culture adapts to the UX practices. Therefore, adaptable companies will succeed while others will fail to achieve their goals.

The real value of the Future

Stefan Moritz (Veryday) affirms that it’s good to reflect on technology trends and to think ahead, but argues that the future is a reality right now and that companies are just not taking full advantage of it. We live in a time where technology is no longer the barrier to success: our mindset and imagination are.

Moritz states that the problem for large business is that they are too slow, meaning that they can’t keep up with the progress and their user is already engaged to something new. However, these limitations can be overcome with the right mindset and framework. By fulfilling today’s needs with today’s technology we can achieve bigger goals in 2016.

Personalizing the Experience

Liraz Margalit, web psychologist at ClickTale, claims that, in 2016, we will witness User Experience turning into Personalized Experience. According to Margalit, more and more businesses are discovering the power of customization and of delivering a fully personalized experience. It has become so popular that many brands choose to turn customization into their major business strategy.

The user is becoming an integral part of the culture of the brands and this is what will change in UX strategy too: the user will be provided the opportunity to become a part of the experience.

“Touch First” Design

Lately, designers have been focused on mobile first designs, given the increasing importance of smartphones and tablets in the digital world. Will Hacker, manager of interaction design at, asserts that the next step is to design “touch first” multi-device experiences as more laptops and computers come with touchscreens.

In fact, Hacker states that using a screen with and device type to define tap targets is always going to fail to take into account the adaptation to different sizes and device types. It’s time for us to accept our fingers’ shape and to make the most out of the touch capabilities of our devices.

Subtle Interactions

Anders Arnqvist,UX and IXD Lead Designer at Veryday, affirms that our interactions will tend to become more subtle. Many of our current devices require more interactivity and some are even equipped with a rather rudimentary AI.

In 2016 not all interactions will require a two-way dialogue or a screen interface: to manage the usage, devices will allow us to interact in a much more subtle ways, like a glance. The products will follow our rhythm and be better informed about how we use them.

Regardless of how our digital culture and our technology evolves, User Experience is the way to go. Don’t fall behind: let Hi INTERACTIVE take your UX to the next level. Contact us.