What Are The Advantages Of Using Video In A Marketing Strategy?

Motion & Digital Interactions | 06th September 2017

Beyond doubt, videos are the most popular format of content in Digital Marketing. Video Marketing draws visits to the site and social media networks, prompting a greater engagement, generating leads, whilst also increasing organic traffic and views.

The video’s narrative leads the consumer to see it until the end, focused and motivated to do so. The video creates room to have an opinion-driven interaction, to watch more content related to each other and to get more and better information.

1. Video Is Part Of A Differentiation Strategy

One of the major professional challenges for Marketing and Digital Communication managers is to find content capable of standing out in the competitive digital environment. The content produced for all brands is limitless. The differentiation of the communication strategy relies on using video.

People prefer to consume video content. Betting on Video Marketing is actually an excellent way to follow the audience’s consumption trends and reach the best results with your campaigns – it improves the conversion results and increases the number of people interested in what your company has to offer.

Betting on videos in digital communication channels increases the length of stay of people up to two minutes more.
(Source: comScore)

Every single instant that people spend in touch with the company, brand and services is something that matters and increases the chances of making business.

Furthermore, videos are helpful when it comes to smashing barriers, since, due to their nature, they tend to be more convincing and cause more impact. Investing in Video Marketing is something that allows people to have a more broadening perspective of the company and service, thus they will feel more confident during the buying decision process.

 Animation developed by Hi INTERACTIVE to promote the professional IT services provided by CMAS.

2. Video Increases Traffic

Whether it’s used as main content or as a support tool, Video Marketing is helpful to increase people’s engagement and interaction with your publications. It is known that most consumers do not spend a lot of time reading lengthy and complex texts. Producing video content can make it possible to steadily grow the level of recognition and number of shares on social media. Another advantage of videos is the “capture” of contacts of prospects, through a Lead collector, at the beginning or end of each video, in which people leave their contact info. Another valid option is to bet on webinars on specific topics, in which those who are interested need to subscribe to have access to the content itself. These moments are important to ensure that the company will be able to provide services and information, hence increasing bonds and the trust felt by consumers.

The word “video" on the email’s subject line is capable of increasing up to 13% your email open rate? In commercial campaigns, videos ensure a more efficient contact with consumers.
(Source: Video Brewery)


3. Video Is A Tool To Increase ROI

Marketing professionals are confronted with the strenuous task of having to convince their manager to use a more dynamic digital presence and communication, something that goes beyond the mere static website, which is just a bit more than a replica of the institutional material. Tons of synergies would be reached if a digital strategy, relying on Video Marketing, was deployed.

According to Video Brewery, a good communication strategy that relies on video can increase the audience’s understanding of what your company has to offer by 74%. This means that consumers, when they see the details and the way the brand, the product or the service operate, will be more likely to finish the purchase, in a quicker fashion. Bottom line, customers feel more confident about the quality of what is being offered and this means more conversions and more and better business. 

4. Video Improves Your SEO

The SEO allows the website to have more results in terms of organic traffic. Based on a video strategy, one can significantly improve the positioning of the company’s website in the internet ranking. The process of turning users into qualified leads becomes simpler.

Organic Traffic and Leads

This strategy increases the number of individuals who notice the company’s presence in the Digital realm, given that by adding audiovisual content, one also increases the reach of publications. More interest generates more views, likes, comments, interaction, engagement, visits to the websites and to Social Media Platforms.  

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5. Video Is The Future Of Communication

All Digital Marketing actions, including the use of video, must be in tune with the company’s strategy and they should be performed through a planning. Videos convey the brand image, perhaps in the strongest way of all. According to a study conducted by Cisco, by taking into account the increasing amount of people online and the growing quality of videos, it is expected that, in 2020, 82% of all internet traffic will be generated by videos. Following this line of thought, it’s crucial to have efficient tools to measure the ROI of campaigns, whilst constantly looking for enhancements and new opportunities.

Did you know that...
The video has the ability to animate information that used to look static and bored? The prospect ends up with a quite realistic idea about what they are going to purchase. Twelve percent of the audience that sees a video ad ends up making a purchase. (Source: Video Brewery).

6. From the Brain to the Purchase

In addition to the technical and strategic skills of Marketing, the idea and the human perception extracted from videos must be understood. Usually, people have the tendency to believe in what others say. On one hand, the natural movement in videos is an important factor in the process of capturing information. In other words, the brain has a better “understanding” when things are moving. On the other, videos attract and increase the length of stay of those who watch them, hence establishing affective relationships between the consumer and the product or brand. And, as it is widely acknowledged, this is a crucial factor in the buying decision process.

ecommerce conversion

Videos, more than a trend in itself, are part of a strategy that aims to generate more and better results. They are appealing, they reach more people and provide new functionalities in terms of relationship, connection and resources. People are changing the way they consume products, services and content and, because of that, marketing strategies focused on video are paths towards success.

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