What Is Front-End?

Front-End | 27th April 2015

As a professional Front End, i work specifically with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
HTML is not a programming language, is a markup language; CSS is a style language; and JavaScript (which is different from Java) is a scripting language (in this case, the focus of Front-End is in JQuery).

The main function of a Front-End is 'giving life' to the design made by the designer.

The Front End term is relatively new. Despite the similarities with web development, which has been around for over 20 years, the concept of Front End as the technical implementation of interfaces and user experiences is relatively new.

Indeed, the development of Front End web development is focused only on areas surrounding the user. This development can be virtually independent of the development of Back-End in the most extreme and equally complex cases. However, it still continues to invest heavily in web developers full-stack without regard to a developer full-stack, despite knowledge of various layers, their level of proficiency is not high in all of them. Although a good developer Full-Stack is an asset, these are rare to find. Today the stack has changed and has become much more complex than it was 15 years ago.

If a developer specializing in Back-End, or even a designer, know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which the real need for someone who specializes in Front-End?
This kind of thinking is quite reducing the complexity of the functions of a Front-End and results in a simplistic perception of the work involved.

What are the responsibilities of a Front-End?

A Front End Developer is a professional responsible for designing, building and optimizing web designs interfaces as:
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform;
  • Producing clean code, well documented and structured;
  • Apply SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization);

How important is a Front-End?

  • 80% load time is spent on the Front End;
  • The look of a website is the first thing to be seen if the website has a poorly organized structure, you risk leaving and never coming back is higher;

Case Studies

British Hospital (www.british-hospital.pt)
This project obtains 93% to 100% the level of performance (test on Pingdom.com).
The result of this performance arises because there is a well organized and structured code, by applying caching techniques, these techniques that significantly reduce the loading site, and finally, also appears for the optimization of images.


Despite being a relatively new and little understood field it is clear that the Front End is an asset for the development of quality websites in terms of performance and user experience.

In a world of appearances and instant gratification, who have a Front End well designed, structured and implemented will win the hearts and loyalty of its users.