What Is User Experience?

UX Design | 08th May 2015
User experience (or UX) is dedicated to the understanding of the users – in their requirements, ideals, aptitudes and limitations. It also considers the business goals of the project. UX’s main objective is to improve the quality of the interactions for the user, managing the insights of the product and of its associated services.
UX must ensure that the users find value in the products that are provided. According to Peter Morville (in User Experience Honeycomb), in order to achieve a valuable user experience, the information must be useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible and credible.
To create a successful user-centered design of human-computer interaction (HCI) it is necessary to include disciplines such as: Project Management, User Research, Usability Evaluation, Information Architecture (IA), User Interface Design, Interaction Design (IxD), Visual Design, Content Strategy, Accessibility and Web Analytics.