Why Should My Company Bet On Storytelling?

Storytelling | 07th September 2017

Telling good stories, which left a mark on the audience, is one of the major goals of marketing and communication.

Storytelling is an instrument of persuasion that influences people and make your company more visible and turn it into a hallmark: it transforms the story into ideas, in a way that those who watch it are able to convey it as yours.

A story properly told makes all the difference, it creates meaning and establishes emotional bonds with the brand.

Storytelling on Branding

Storytelling: A Weapon Against Competition

Through an appealing story, the product is subtly presented. A new beneficial relationship between the consumer and the company is therefore created.

The nature of storytelling is much more persuasive than invasive. For this reason, it is widely used in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing and Advertisement. It stands out due to its ability to narrow the relationship between a product, brand or service and the final consumer. It’s the best ally when it comes to sharing ideas, knowledge and other interests, using a narrative for that matter. It assumes that a story with a beginning, middle and end, characters, and a plot capable of leading the audience through a specific path, are the most effective way of consuming content.  

Producing quality content - through Video Marketing - poses a challenge to companies. Therefore, these stories can assume different formats (text, video, infographic). After all, telling good stories is also a way to gather an interested audience and make it more feasible for a consumer to become loyal to the brand.

Through Storytelling, one can convey a succinct, clear and differentiated message, against the competition. The article of Harvard Business Review shows how a company, even at an internal level, can benefit from Storytelling: a publicist may narrate a story in which the product is the main character, a marketing director motivates the team with a narrative that illustrates how obstacles were surpassed.

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How Coca-Cola Opted For Storytelling

Coca-Cola bets on creative content. They have put an end to their institutional website and opted for Storytelling, with colossal success.

In 2012, the revolution turned big stories into a leading player. For that matter, a digital newsroom was created, the website Coca-Cola Journey was launched and social media became a huge investment for them. This new model deeply changed the way the brand interacts with their consumers around the globe.

Content 2020 is explained by Coca-Cola itself, which declares the content as King of communications strategy. The infographic data provided by the American soda brand is something that speaks for itself:

journey coca-cola infographics
(Source: Coca-Cola)

Differentiate Your Brand With Storytelling

Storytelling, as it gains traction in the business realm, proves that, within this competitive environment, the ability and the way a company communicate, the empathy level it reaches, how it perceives the issues from the consumer’s point of view, are all crucial elements. Therefore, understating what stories your company has been telling lately, or realizing what are the ones that it should narrate, is a differentiating factor.

The story narration can have different formats and be conveyed through different channels, but it should have a body, a common language that points out to the same very purposes. One should not forget that people are more responsive to visual stimuli than to simple written reports.

To be more effective, the solution is to act in the most personal and human way possible with your audience.

Watch this infographic with the 5 Reasons To Choose Storytelling.

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